MAT 314, Topics in Applied Mathematics: Compressed Sensing, Spring 2015, TR 10:00-11:50 am, Noyce 3820


Professor: Jeff Blanchard, Noyce 2516, 269-3304, blanchaj (at)

Text: There is no assigned text for this course. Lecture notes will be posted on P-web as our primary text. The library has a large collection of relevant text books.

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00-10:50
Tuesday: 1:00-1:45
By appointment; please email me to set up a time. See my weekly schedule.


This class will be exploratory in nature and primarily discussion based. Both inside and outside of class, students will work through exercises on both the theory and computation. Participation in the class discussion is essential. Each student must voluntarily present solutions to various exercises throughout the semester. For each class session, students will score participation points as follows:


Each student will be required to keep a portfolio of the exercises from class and homework. The portfolio corresponding to each chapter of the course notes will be submitted throughout the semester for a Homework Portfolio grade. A list of exercises will be provided in a LaTeX file and students are strongly encouraged to write their portfolio solutions in LaTeX. (This way incorrect solutions can be easily revised for the Final Portfolio.) Portfolio exercises will be graded as follows: At the end of the semester, a Final Portfolio will be submitted. Any exercises that were incorrect may be revised and graded as part of the Final Portfolio. The Final Portfolio must include a list of revised problems.

Final Project:

The last few weeks of the semester will be spent working on a project. This project will involve reading a research article, writing a summary of the article including important proofs, implementing an algorithm, conducting and analyzing empirical testing, and presenting the project to the class.
Course Grade:
Participation: 25%
Homework Portfolio: 40%
Final Portfolio: 10%
Final Project: 25%


Absences permitted by the college (athletics, performance, religious observation, etc.) must be coordinated prior to the class period in order to make arrangements for the missed homework or exams. This coordination must be done in person prior to the absence.


If you have specific physical, psychiatric or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let me know early in the semester so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Dean for Student Success and Academic Advising, Joyce Stern, located on the third floor of the Joe Rosenfield '25 Center (x3702).

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