MAT 313, Numerical Analysis, Fall 2022, MWF 9:00-9:50 am, Noyce 2245


Professor: Jeff Blanchard, Macy House 110, 269-3304, email prefix: blanchaj

Text: Numerical Analysis by T. Sauer (the first edition). It is important and expected that you read the text, especially the examples.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00--11:00
By appointment; please email me to set up a time. Also, my outlook calendar is generally up to date, so you may alternatively send an outlook meeting request.

Learning Goals:

This course will study the fundamental ideas and mathematical background for numerical techniques used to solve or approximate the solution to a wide range of scientific problems. The course will cover the application of numerical algorithms to nonlinear equations, linear and nonlinear systems of equations, interpolation, integration, and numerical linear algebra. The primary learning goals for this course are:


This class will meet approximately three hours per week. To accomplish the course learning goals students should expect to spend at least nine additional hours per week completing assignments and studying course material.


There will be regular homework assignments consisting of reading, exercises, and computing. Exercises and computing assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assignment due date. Homework will be posted on Pioneerweb.

Midterm Exams:

There will be two in-class, midterm exams tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 30 and Monday, November 14. These midterm exams will test the material covered since the previous exam.

Final Exam:

The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, at 9:00 am. The final exam is three hours and will be comprehensive. Do not make arrangements to leave campus prior to the final exam. (Such situations will result in the loss of a letter grade on the final exam.)
Course Grade:
Participation: 5%
Homework: 25%
Midterm Exams: 40% (20% each)
Final Exam: 30%

Academic Honesty:
All students must be aware of and comply with the Grinnell College Academic Honesty policy as described in the catalog.

In this course students may collaborate on homework assignments provided they submit their own work and identify their collaborators. Any resource (other textbooks or online) must be cited. It is expressly forbidden to look for solutions online, in textbooks, or from other students. It is also an academic honesty violation to solicit assistance from any online forum.

All midterm exams and the final exam are in-class, individual endeavors during which the student may not consult any other person or resource not provided with the exam or explicity permitted in the written instructions on the exam.


Grinnell College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students need to provide documentation to the Coordinator for Disability Resources, located on the ground level floor of​ Steiner Hall (641-269-3124) and discuss your needs with them. Students should then notify me within the first few days of classes so that we can discuss ways to ensure your full participation in the course and coordinate your accommodations.

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